9.35'' 70mai Mirror Car Recorder Stream Media Car DVR



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70mai Rearview Dash Cam S500 9.35'' Touch Screen 70mai S500 Car DVR 3K Super Capacitor Dual-Channel HDR Voice Control 24H Parking Surveillance

9.35" Full-Laminated Touch Screen

Enjoy a large screen for an expansive field of view with no blind spots. Experience a pristine screen with enhanced transparency and dust-preventing full-lamination craftsmanship.

Evolved from physical buttons to touchscreen operations for smarter and more intuitive interaction. Use touch gestures to simplify your interactions -Swipe left or right to adjust the screen's brightness, and swipe up or down to reposition the image in the frame. Additionally, we offer support for switching between left/right-hand drive modes, aligning perfectly with your driving habits.

Stunning 3K Image with Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 Sensor

STARVIS technology is characterized by its ultra-high sensitivity, pushing the boundaries of mechanical recognition to enhance safety, security, and convenience.

Experience exceptional image quality with the 3K resolution powered by Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor. Boasting 500W pixels and combined with our proprietary 70mai Night Owl Vision™ algorithm, prepare to be amazed by the stunning nighttime footage.


Dual-Channel HDR Recording

The latest files will replace the earliest ones automatically, ensuring an uninterrupted recording loop without storage space concerns. Rest assured, buffered emergency recording videos and parking surveillance videos will be saved separately in event and parking folders and loop independently, without being overwritten by regular recordings.

Multi-View Options

Dive into a true streaming experience with flexible display options, including split-screen views, picture-in-picture display, and seamless switching between front and rear cameras.

Real-time Reversing View

When shifting into reverse, the dash cam automatically marks parking assist lines, simplifying parking maneuvers. You also have the flexibility to tailor these assist lines to fit any vehicle type or installation position, ensuring parking ease without any worries.

Dual 138° Field of View (FOV):

The dash cam's wide-angle lens covers both front and rear views, ensuring a comprehensive 3 lanes of road condition, while glare suppression guarantees confidence behind the wheel.

Voice Control

Engage in intuitive voice control with our optimized acoustic models. Simply say 'Take Photo', 'Lock the Video', or 'Show Rear Camera' to capture photos, secure your recordings. and switch seamlessly between front and rear views, all without the need to lift a finger.

Buffered Emergency Recording

When a collision occurs during driving, the dash cam will initiate a 5-second pre-roll recording and continue recording for 25 seconds. The emergency videos will be saved exclusively into the 'event' folder and will not be overwritten by regular recordings, providing a complete accident reconstruction.

Supper Capacitor Solution

As 70mai's first application of super capacitor solution, you can count on extended dash cam performance with a longer lifespan than traditional

batteries. The exceptional durability enables the dash cam to withstand harsh weather conditions with extreme heat and cold, making it a long-lasting choice for your journeys.

24H Parking Surveillance*

Collision Detection: In parking mode, the G-sensor triggers the dash cam to record a 30-second parking surveillance video when a collision is detected*, allowing you to understand the scene of the incident.

Time-Lapse Recording: The dash cam captures continuous footage at 1FPS during parking mode, saving memory card space by compressing every 30 minutes of video into just 1 minute. Therefore you can expect a faster playback for quick event recognition.

*70mai Hardwire Kit UP02 required, sold separately

Adaptable Design

Extendable Design: The S500's extendable body ensures a snug and perfect fit, whether you have standard or oversized rearview mirrors.

Rotatable Lens: Capture exactly what you need with the adjustable camera, ensuring you achieve your preferred angle.

Strap-Based Mounting: Featuring an installation method with elastic rubber straps, it fits a wide range of rearview mirror sizes, allowing for an easy and quick installation process while maintaining a sleek, unobtrusive appearance.

70mai Hardwire Kit UP02

Hardwire kit UP02 is connected to the fuse box, and supplies power for the dash cam even when parking. So the cam will have 24H parking surveillance function.
Without it, the cam can only record videos when driving.

You can order the hardwire kit UP02 separately from this link: