Alpine, KCX-C250MC



Multiple Alpine camera selection block

Allows you to connect 3 cameras to the "Alpine direct" camera slot.

With the help of this block, you can control the Alpine front camera, rear camera and side cameras from the Alpine screen.

Simply select the camera view from the Alpine touch screen.

Works with Alpine latest models with Direct Camera input such as X801D-U and INE-W997D


The main

  • Allows the use of up to three Alpine cameras with a "Direct Camera" connection
  • Provides power to cameras
  • Also supports Alpine Multiview Cameras, there are 4 different camera views to choose from - depending on the cameras used: Panoramic View, Rear View, Angular View and Top View.
  • Required when using front and side cameras together
  • Includes necessary video and power cables
  • Compatible with INE-W997D, X701D-A4R, X701D-A5, X701D-Q5, X801D-U, X901D-G7 (Required Software: 2.xxx or later)



  • Input / output: 3x Input / 1x Output
  • Output Image: Normal image, CVBS (NTSC Video signal) 16: 9 Image output for wide-screen
  • Image Output impedance: 75 Ohm (1Vp-p)
  • Power Requirement: 9.0 to 15.6 V DC
  • Power Consumption: Less than 0.6W (12V)
  • Output voltage: 6V DC )
  • Operating Temperature: -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Weight Power Section: 172g (box only)


  • Power Unit: 106 x 60 x 22mm
  • Power Unit Cable: 3m