Alpine, NVE-M300P


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The compact NVE-M300P navigation system integrates seamlessly with Alpine’s Digital Media Stations, Mobile Media Stations and On-dash Monitors. It’s the perfect match for your Alpine monitor head unit, giving you touch screen control of convenient navigation features right from the display.

Alpine also offers the RUE-M300 and lets you connect the NVE-M300P to any legacy Alpine monitor with navigation input that is not touch screen enabled and fully control it.

The NVE-M300P navigation module provides a variety of update possiblities. Get started with coverage of 43 Western and Eastern European countries, then expand your map content via the internet as required. You can also keep your coverage up to date with map updates.

When you buy a brand new NVE-M300P device, there’s a chance that a newer map has been released since your device was manufactured.

We want to ensure that you start driving with the latest map. So if a newer version of your map is available within 30 days of first using your device, you can download this map for free using

alpine.naviextras.com! Note that in order to qualify for the latest map guarantee you need to check if a new map is available within the 30 day period, and you are only entitled to one free map download.

Note that in order to qualify for the latest map guarantee the 30 days are counted after the 1st GPS fix from the navigation device.

Product information

Ideal System Integration and New User Interface The NVE-M300P integrates seamlessly with Alpine's Digital Media Stations, allowing touch screen control and providing Navi Mix, so when you’re listening to music and a turn comes up, the music is muted and you hear the Voice Guidance announcement — hence you don’t need an additional speaker.
The high-resolution interface is designed with a consistent structure for operation that’s so easy, you won’t need the manual. Highly visible menus and icons, as well as the clean, uncluttered design, make it a pleasure to use. 2D/3D Map View, Auto Zoom and Seamless Scaling Another benefit of the powerful software besides the standard 2D map is 3D Map View, which gives you a more realistic view of the surrounding streets. It also provides hundreds of 3D landmark icons showing easily identifiable places, so you know where you are at a glance and what’s around you.
When you approach an intersection or motorway exit, the map automatically zooms in to give you a better view. Then when you are past it, it zooms back to a normal view of the road ahead. And thanks to the system’s seamless scaling, map reloading is very fast so zooming (both manual and automatic) is super-smooth. Compact for Easy Installation The NVE-M300P is only 110mm wide by 25mm high and 85mm deep. This compact size allows installation in any convenient location (in a horizontal position). To obtain software and map updates in the future there is no need to remove the navigation module. Connect the mini USB cable to the port (5) and leave the other end, the USB connector, to an accecessible location. Connections: 1. GPS antenna, 2. RDS TMC module, 3. RGB monitor head unit / display out, 4. Power cord (harness), 5. Mini USB cable What’s more, it does not require many connections to the vehicle’s electrical system (only the power connection), so there is no need for locating signals such as speed pulse, reverse gear or parking brake.

Wide Map Coverage, POI Importing and Track Logs

Alpine’s powerful navigation software provides extremely wide, very detailed map coverage that extends to 43 countries, with voice guidance available in 30 languages. The system offers the convenience of personal POI importing. If you’ve set personal POIs on free POI database websites, you can put them on a USB stick in KLM format and import them into your navigation system. You’ll be able to see your own POIs at a glance, such as favourite petrol stations, coffee shops, and so on. Finally, after your trip is finished, Track Logs lets you export the data to Google Earth to see the route you drove. You can decide whether you want to use that route again or change it, keep your favourite routes, and make note of places you liked along the way such as restaurants and camping areas.

Lane Guidance and Text-to-Speech

Lane Guidance is an extremely convenient feature that not only shows you the next turn, but also which lane you should be in. You’re never in danger of missing a turn on city streets or motorway exits. Text-to-Speech also gives you “extra” information by providing more detailed voice guidance than usual (in 11 languages). It reads the text on the screen, so instead of just announcing “Turn right,” for example, it says “Turn right onto A8, direction Stuttgart.”

Other Convenient Features

Other great features include: route information and route simulation mode, daytime and nighttime colour profiles, road safety cameras preinstalled for various countries where usage is legal, increased map coverage especially for Eastern European countries with the latest maps available, turn-by-turn guidance, and 7-digit UK postcode search. An optional TMC antenna (KAE-500FM) is also available.