Lightbar FX500-CB


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LED auxiliary lights enhance driving pleasure

Improved far field illumination on dark rural and dirt roads – it’s no problem for the LEDriving Lightbar FX500-CB. Its 20 intense, high-performance LEDs give the LED high beam a light distance up to 440 meters and ensure improved road safety for drivers.
Even at dusk or in compromised lighting conditions, the LED bars for automobiles provide daylight conditions at a strong 6000 Kelvin without needlessly blinding oncoming traffic. The intelligent reflector design diverts the light from the LEDs so that oncoming traffic is only indirectly exposed to the light. The light is evenly distributed at a five degree angle.

Robust, durable and versatile
Whether used as a LED working light or as an auxiliary high beam for the car – the powerful performance and long life of the LEDriving Lightbar FX500-CB make it a compelling choice. Equipped for a wide range of uses, it defies environmental factors and is particularly robust thanks to the quality craftsmanship of its materials and hard-wearing polycarbonate lens.
The integrated driver and thermal management system regulates the temperature of the LED automotive headlight and prevents damage caused by overheating. Full polarity protection ensures the LEDs are automatically shut off in the event of excess voltage.

Brightness for a wide range of uses
The LEDriving Lightbar FX500-CB is pure pleasure both on and off-road. The ECE-compliant LED auxiliary light ensures better visibility and thus improved safety on roads. In addition, it adds a smart touch that enhances the off-road style of the vehicle.
The LED headlight can be mounted on 12V vehicles as well as agricultural machines, utility vehicles, recreational, off-road and 4x4 vehicles. The power package with an intense 5500 lumen brightness scores with the highest optical efficiency and homogeneous light distribution with reduced glare.

Technical Data

Country specific categorizations

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Additional high beam application

Electrical data

Nominal voltage

12/24 V

Nominal wattage

70 W

Test voltage

13.5 V

Photometrical data

Luminous flux

5500 lm

Color temperature

6000 K

Light distance at 1lx

440 m

Dimensions & weight


94.0 mm


77.0 mm


655.0 mm

Product weight

2100.00 g


Lifespan Tc

5000 h

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DT Connector




Certificates & standards


ECE R10, R112

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E4 approval

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