Dash camera for Android Multimedia


€60,00 €199,00

Estimated delivery time: 7-15 days


Must read before buying:

1. This DVR is perfect for Junsun's Android car radio. It fits on 95% of Android radios. If your radio is from another brand, please test whether it is compatible with your car before purchasing. You can download the app and install it to test.

2. Junsun has prepared a USB car charger as a gift. If the DVR cannot be connected to your radio to work, it can still be used alone and watch recorded videos on your computer;

3. After installing the DVR for the first time, you need to connect to the Internet and upgrade the application to experience all ADAS functions. Please see the page for specific steps;

4. There is no built-in GPS module in the DVR, so the speed and position in the DVR are not real, please ignore it when using;

5. The video quality of this DVR is not good at night, if you mind, please do not buy it;