Hertz, SPL Show SS12D2


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SS 12 D2 subwoofer featuring 30 cm (12 in.) cone is eager to thrill the enthusiasts with their power.

The suspension system reinforced with progressive double-layer spiderskeeps the performance constant over time, especially in the heavy use typical of Bass Wars events.

Heat dissipation is essential for this type of use and has been maximized thanks to an accurate design. The use of a robust 75 mm (3 in.) dual winding (2 + 2 Ω) voice coil developed in 4-layer configuration on a support with venting holes allows the SS 12 D2 to manage the impressive 2000 W peak power! The basket has been designed for optimal thermal dissipation and high mechanical resistance.

The non-pressed paper cone with the addition of cotton fiber is the ideal compromise between stiffness and lightness, essential for a high sensitivity value. Suspension and leadwires are oversized to withstand the very high excursions generated by the massive ferrite engine.

Push connectors accept cables with cross-section up to 12 AWG, for a practical and safe connection, suitable for the high currents involved.

Size mm (in.) 300 (12)
Power Handling - Peak W 2000
Power Handling - Continuous W 1000
Impedance  2 + 2
Sensitivity dB SPL 86
Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 75 (3)
Xmax mm 15,4
X-mech mm (in.) 10,6 (0.42)
Re  0,96
Fs Hz 36
Vas l 24,52
Qts 0,64
Qes 0,70
Qms 7,0
Spl dB 86



1. 75 mm (3 in.) dual voice coil (2 + 2 Ω) developed in 4-layer configuration on a support with venting holes for a peak power of 2000 W.

2. Double layer spider with progressive profile for maximum consistency of performance over time.

3. Multi-layer foam surround to ensure very high excursion, essential for generating high SPL during Bass Wars.

4. Oversized suspension and leadwires to withstand very high excursions.

5. Impressive oversized ferrite magnet assembly for maximum control.

6. 12 AWG high current Nickel-plated push connectors for a practical and safe connection.

7. Non-pressed paper cone with added cotton fiber for maximum sensitivity.