Pioneer, TS-E1302i



Shipping in Estonia from 3,90 euro

Shipping in Europe from 14,00 euro

5"(13cm) 2-way Coaxial Speakers (180W)

Immerse yourself in pure sound staging.

Our TS-E Series speakers give you smooth,octave-to-octave tonal balance, without favouring one frequency over another, and presenting the mids, highs and lows to perfection.
The shape and volume of the tweeter’s chamber and the damper have been specifically designed for a lower frequency response. As a result, a more accurate midrange frequency sound is produced, ensuring a fluent transition between the midrange and high frequencies.
These speakers deliver true open stage sound imaging and smooth transitions, reproducing the illusion of a live stage performance.
This enhances your music by giving it a feeling of height, width and depth and arranges the sound of the instruments and voices to match their location on an imaginary stage.