Pioneer, TS-Z10LS2



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25cm / 10" Z-Series Shallow Subwoofer (1300 W) 2 Ohm Single Voice Coil

The Z subwoofer is based on the same highly advanced technology as the Z full range loudspeakers to create seamlessly integrated musical perfection – fast, detailed and extended bass with tremendous impact and clarity.

Combining high fidelity and high output in a compact, shallow design, the Z subwoofer offers both unlimited performance and unlimited installation flexibility. As a result, the placement of the Z subwoofer can be optimised for sound quality and bass reinforcement, unlike conventional subwoofers that must be installed simply where they physically fit.

Built from a strong foundation of class-leading subwoofers, the TS-Z Series delivers reliability, power, and a capacity to produce big, clear and distortion-free sound that is simply incomparable to anything else in it's class.

When powered by Pioneer's GM-D Series of amplifiers, the Pioneer TS-Z Series subwoofers are able to deliver really powerful, rich, high quality bass, no matter what volume level.

Upgrade your sound with the Pioneer TS-Z10LS2. This 4 Ohm single voice coil 25cm / 10" subwoofer delivers 1300 W Maximum power and 400 W Nominal power.

During Pioneer’s remarkable 80-year history, our loudspeaker technology has achieved the limits of quality sound reproduction, with an uncompromised design that only Pioneer can provide. Pioneer designs, engineers and manufactures each Pioneer loudspeaker in-house to Pioneer’s exact performance and quality standards.  That is why we are proud to call our latest Z and D series ‘High Performance’ automotive loudspeakers. Pioneer is passionate in reproducing music in the purest form, and this can only be achieved if the speakers are correctly installed, maximising their performance, in your specific vehicle.

Max Power 1300 Watt
Continuous power output 400 W
Frequency response 20 Hz - 3.8 kHz
Sensitivity 74 dB
Impedance 2 Ω
Mounting Depth 81 mm
Cut-out Hole 231 mm
Woofer material Aramid Fiber interlaced IMPP™ cone
Voice Coil type Long voice coil. Copper round wire 4-layers
Voice Coil bobbin type Aluminium
Magnets Ferrite
Weight 1,92 kg