SGM Dual Prime.



 SGM Dual Prime.

Premium vibration damping material with maximum efficiency, consists of 2 different types of mastics: improved rubber and premium lightweight. Aluminum foil 100 microns is used as a separating layer. SGM DuAL Prime is the most installable combination vibration damping material on the market with extreme high performance. A feature of this material is non-congestion, due to the use of lightweight mastic in one of the layers. A distinctive feature of the material, in comparison with competitors, is its more viscous-plastic structure, which greatly facilitates the installation of the material, provided that extremely high vibration damping rates are maintained. The reduced weight and new formula of the rubber composition of one of the layers allows maintaining a high CMF, as well as stability of characteristics over a wide temperature range. With a material thickness of only 4 mm, SGM DuAL is one of the most effective vibration dampers on the market for noise insulation materials and the most convenient installation among multi-layer heavy dampers.







Material weight, kg / sq.m

Damping factor



SGM Dual  Prime

Vibration damping mastic material with a 100 µm thick aluminum foil front layer.

4,0  6,0 0,66  0,5 х 0,8 


Recommended processing areas: interior floor, arches, tunnel, trunk, trunk lid, engine compartment bulkhead from the passenger compartment. Plastic elements of car interior trim, it is possible to process wheel arch liners, car arches, crankcase protection. Avoid proximity to highly heated elements - engine, manifolds, exhaust system.