StarLine GPS+GLONASS Master



Shipping in Estonia from 3,22 euro

Shipping in Helsinki 14 euro

Storage count 1 piece.

With the simple and convenient monitoring of starline.online, you can find out about the movement of your car and its location with an accuracy of several meters. Manage your security from anywhere in the world with StarLine Telematics. Advanced GPS-GLONASS technology guards your peace of mind.

Designed for use in StarLine models: S96 / 66 BT 2CAN + 2LIN GSM, S66 BT 2CAN + 2LIN GSM MINI, AS96 BT 2CAN + 2LIN GSM, A96 2CAN + 2LIN GSM. And also in StarLine models: A66 / 96 2CAN + 2LIN, B66 / 96 2CAN + 2LIN with the optional GSM or GSM + BT interface.