StarLine S9 ECO



Basic Smart security-telematic system with Bluetooth Smart tags, GSM, CAN, Mobile App, GSM

2G GSM, 2 Bluetooth tags, Bluetooth Smart Authorization, StarLine Mobile App, 2CAN-2LIN, SuperSlave, Pin-Code authorization, iCAN engine block, iKey keyless bypass, factory Keyless entry protection, Smart OBDII diagnostics, 3D shock tilt sensor, temperature sensor, Webasto/ Eberspacher control, hands-free, anti-hijack, microUSB, siren, valet button with LED



GSM 2G Live Car Data via internet. Ability to see car CAN data like

battery voltage, fuel level, temperature, opened doors, ... from 

Starline Mobile app. Start Engine, arm/disarm,control factory heating system ...

2CAN+2LIN interface provides easy, convenient and safe installation of

StarLine security system to modern cars with CAN and LIN bus

Save money on purchasing an additional bypass module or duplicate key

to implement remote engine start on CAN and LIN equipped cars

Intelligent remote and automatic engine start at a determined temperature,

time, weekday or by battery voltage

Control over Webasto, Eberspächer preheaters by GSM interface with

SMS or StarLine Mobile App

Bluetooth Smart provides reliable control over car security and service

functions from your smartphone even out of GSM network (available for

iOS and Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 and above and

StarLine Mobile App)

StarLine will disarm security and unlock the doors when owner approaches

a car to wireless tag detection area

Save on vehicle diagnostics — receive vehicle status notifications to

mobile phone in StarLine App or at monitoring website starline.online

StarLine intelligent driving style evaluation service helps increase safety

and prevents from penalties, road accident expenses and car parts early


Programmable channels with flexible logic settings for extended vehicle

security and comfort functions


Control over car security with factory remote and reliable additional

authorization with wireless tag or smartphone with StarLine Mobile App

Unique patented iCAN technology guarantees reliable protection by

hidden engine blocking through a factory digital CAN or LIN bus

Smart 3D control with remote settings registers shocks, car jacking-up,

evacuation and evaluates driving style safety

To start driving owner should pass authorization by a small waterproof

wireless tag or smartphone with StarLine Key App (Available for iOS and

Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 version and above)

Optional wireless R6 or digital R4 relay module provides additional safe

engine blocking and allows protection of engine compartment with use

of optional StarLine L11+, StarLine L10 hood locks

Additional authorization provides reliable protection against hijacking,

enhancing security functions of factory car alarm. Trip is allowed only after

entering an individual PIN-code with car original buttons

StarLine protects against theft and hijacking with safe engine blocking in

motion if tag is not detected or with owner’s command by GSM interface

Due to high quality components StarLine security-telematic systems stably

operate in severe climatic conditions at temperature from −40°C to +85°C

StarLine guarantees low energy consumption, saving sufficient car battery

charge up to 60 days in arm mode due to patented progressive

technologies and firmware solutions