StarLine Sigma 10



Shipping in Estonia from 3,90 euro

Shipping in Europe from 14,00 euro

CAN module 2CAN-2LIN read/write, UART, iCAN engine block, iKey keyless bypass, 4 inputs, 10 outputs.

Innovative CAN bus reader and LIN module. StarLine Sigma 10 is designed specifically for installation on vehicles in conjunction with electronic equipment from other manufacturers

Interfaces 2CAN and 2LIN

Simultaneous connection of the module to the digital CAN, LIN, K-Line, RX / TX digital buses reduces installation time and ensures minimal interference with the car electronics

Serial UART Protocol

Allows you to organize interaction with security equipment from other manufacturers on a digital channel with an open protocol, which significantly reduces the number of connected wires and increases noise immunity

Invisible Lock

iCAN guarantees reliable protection thanks to the unique patented technology of hidden engine blocking on the vehicle’s digital buses. The regularly updated “CAN Library” contains the most comprehensive list of cars from 2009-2016 sold in Russia, the countries of the Commonwealth and Europe.