Subaru Forester 2013-2018



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9 'HD 1024x600 touch screen monitor

Android 8.0 Quad-Core 4G RAM, 32G ROM Price 520.-

4x50w amplifier

3x2RCA audio outputs (front, rear, subwoofer)

2xRCA video outputs for connection to rear monitors

1xRCA Video Out for Rear View Camera (included)

1xRCA Video Out for TV Tuner (requires Digital TV Tuner)

2хUSB (1USB Music, Video, 2USB 3 / 4g Modem, Front Camera Video Recorder Video Input (Front Camera Required)

1xSD card up to 32GB

Europe and Russia with GPS map

Bluetooth handsfree, Bluetooth audio


Radio RDS

without DVD / CD mechanism

Steering wheel steering - original steering wheel buttons operate


Car diagnostics (requires additional OBDII Bluetooth adapter)