Volkswagen Passat B8 2015-2020 13,1'QLED



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>> Junsun X7 series radio for Volkswagen Passat B8 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

> Basic functions:
1, Android 12 + Built-in Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto ;
2, QLED 2K HD Screen (11.5/10.33 inch optional ) , G+G full-fit screen deliver a clearer and more vibrant picture;
3, Octa Core 1.6GHZ + DDR3 (2GB/4GB/6GB) Flash + (32GB/64GB/128GB) Memory ;
4, 4G Network + Steering Wheel Control + RDS +Built-in Navigation Offline Maps + High-quality DSP chip makes the sound quality playback even better;
5, Junsun radios' power cable is pin to pin, can be directly connected to the car power interface, easy to install.

> Product's features:
1, Personalized UI Design, common functions are integrated into the desktop,and allowing you to switch, support day and night mode;
2, Online radio: Relies on internet to search multiple channel (cover 20 countries' stations)
3, Advanced voice control: Control radio by voice, improve driving safety;
4, GPS track: Using the “Junsun Oline” app to view driving tracks, parking locations, and remote surveillance shooting (need buy dashcam);
5, Support OTA to upgrade online.

> Optional accessories:
1, AHD Rear Camera: Higher video resolution and stable transmission;
2, ADAS & GPS Tracer DVR: You can check tracking information and parking location on your phone;
3, Tire Pressure Monitoring: Automatically update tire pressure and temperature to ensure your driving safety;
4, OBD2: More accurate detection and repair of vehicle problems;
5, External Microphone: Support for connecting microphones with 3.5mm port;
6, DAB+: Using digital signal transmission, it can provide more stable and clear audio effect.

The radio will switch between day and night modes with car headlights to make the overall brightness of the screen closer to the environment;

Online radio relies on WiFi or 4G to transmit audio signals in real-time. It has obvious advantages, such as multiple channel search, stable signals, clear and noise-free sound effects, and rich content. It can be used simply by activation and currently covers 20 national stations.

We know that the key to good sound quality lies in excellent hardware quality, the AKM7604 DSP chip and TDA7388 amplifier are a great choice for car audio systems and can help create superb sound output quality standard in the market.Built-in 48 EQ settings, making the sound quality more explosive.

>> Remote control function: You can check tracking information and parking location on your phone; What's more if you buy the special DVR, you can take a picture what happen nearby your car; making your trip safe, fun, and convenient.

>> ADAS function: Lane deviation warning & Front car reminder & Front distance warning.

PS : Please contact us to get Junsun online software.

Warm and important tips:

1). The device need to search satellite success first time, then it will update time,
2). Please understand that the system and preinstalled apps will take part memory; if install Russia map will take about 3GB; if install Europe map, system will take about 7GB;
3). This is the cable location diagram:

1. Why do you have such low prices in your store?
We have our own factory in China, and the main parts; We manufacture devices (for example, a screen and a head unit, etc.) in our factory. Thus, the cost of products is lower than that of other company. The other and most important reason for the low price is our desire to please Car DVD buyers.

2.How to set up the steering wheel controls
Setting--car setting-Steering Wheel--click clearall first -then click the icons,When it flashes, long press the button on the steering wheel to match the icon. After learning successful, it will change color

Note:If your order comes with canbus ,please go to set up the canbus type ,then the button can work,please contact our customer service for help.

3.How to connect the rear camera ?
1)Red cable ① is connected to the backup light "+"
2) black cable ② is connected to the backup light "-"
3)The reversing detection cable ④(Brown color) is connected to the red cable ③ which extending from the video input cable
4) ⑤ cable does not need to be connected